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Campaigns are not undertaken just to raise money.

The Campaign 

for Alma Mater

The Centennial Campaign

Ensuring Our Future Campaign

Empowering Excellence


capital campaign fundraising

Properly designed and planned, a campaign will engage a broad base of new donors, build stronger ties to existing donors, and most importantly, elevate your institution's fundraising performance to enable the success of future campaigns.

By sustaining the momentum of each successful campaign, institutions are able to realize greater fundraising performance. 

Effective campaign planning requires this kind of long-term perspective. Too often, campaigns focus only on meeting immediate needs and priorities. We can help you design and execute a campaign plan that addresses short-term goals while also creating a stronger culture of philanthropy that leads to greater fundraising performance in the years and decades to come.

Our services in this area include:

  • Internal Campaign Readiness Assessments

  • Developing and Testing Your Campaign Case for Support

  • Setting Dollar Goals (Overall and Unit Goals)

  • Pre-Campaign Clinics for Faculty & Staff

  • Identifying and Orienting Campaign Volunteers

  • Campaign Theme, Branding & Identity

  • Regional, National and Global Campaign Strategies

  • Creating a Campaign Communications Plan

  • Designing Impactful Campaign Stewardship

  • Post-Campaign Review & Assessment

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