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Western Kentucky University

Service Provided: Philanthropy Fundamentals for Academic Leaders

The recent appointment of a number of new deans presented an ideal opportunity for the WKU Foundation to arrange a full-day seminar in early January 2020 for the delivery of AAP’s Philanthropy Fundamentals for Academic Leaders. Each dean’s development director attended with them, along with other central advancement staff in areas of alumni engagement, principal gifts, annual giving, and marketing.


WKU requested two additional special topics to be incorporated into the curriculum: Building high performing advisory boards and campaign preparation at the school and unit level. The seminar was co-delivered by Dr. Aaron Conley and Spencer Sealy.  

Select comments from program participants:

“All information was grounded in research. It was helpful for my dean to hear the same message about thoughtful, intentional cultivation of donors and the importance of the implementation and stewardship once the gift has been made.”


“The real life examples were very helpful. As I am still new to the industry I understand the basics, but bringing it to life helps me to learn more.”


“I really enjoyed the training session today. We covered so much information quickly. It was interactive and made us think of our own donors. Constructive training like this was helpful and I hope to learn more in the future.”

These comments were provided through the confidential evaluation conducted at the conclusion of every AAP teaching and coaching program. Completed evaluations are provided back to the client to help evaluate program effectiveness and other opportunities for fundraising improvement.

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