Colleges and universities place ever-increasing expectations on their development operations to raise more money, conduct bigger campaigns, and engage more alumni and friends. Many programs simply don’t have the depth of experience and expertise to continually improve their performance to meet all these expectations.


We can help by providing targeted guidance and counsel where you need it most. Our partners have decades of senior-level experience, and chances are we’ve gone through many of the same challenges you’re facing. These are some of the areas where we are especially qualified to support you:

Ongoing Coaching for Presidents, Provosts and Deans

In today’s academic environment, your institution’s leadership must embrace the importance of fundraising, and excel at it.  Expectations for newly-appointed leaders are even higher. Drawing from our teaching and coaching curriculum, we can work one-on-one with your institutional leadership by coming to your campus, at your convenience, rather than having your leaders spend time and money traveling to a fundraising conference. And we can provide on-going assistance through monthly, quarterly, or other periodic meetings or phone calls to continue supporting your academic leaders.

Principal Gifts

High-performing fundraising institutions today are especially organized and methodical toward their school’s biggest donors and prospects. They have to be, as this critical group of alumni and friends, which may represent less than one percent of the overall donor population, accounts for a highly disproportionate share of total giving. Failure to secure just one or two gifts from this donor segment in any given year can have a profoundly negative impact on your total giving.


If your institution is considering establishing a principal gifts program, or needs to review your existing approach to these donors, we can help you establish or strengthen guidelines and protocols for engagement, develop clearance procedures for principal gift solicitations, and advise on stewardship for these critically-important donors.

Training Curriculum Reviews

Internal training programs for your development teams or your institution’s faculty can be a highly cost-effective approach toward improving fundraising activity and performance. But is your curriculum mostly bullet points in a series of Powerpoint slides? We can help you improve the look and quality of your instructional materials with our curriculum review service, saving you the time needed to find relevant research findings and other visual assets that bolster the impact of your teaching content.

Coaching on Call

Have you ever needed a quick, expert opinion on a fundraising issue? Our Consulting Partners have decades of experience across the academic fundraising spectrum and can be available to help guide you through key opportunities or challenging dilemmas as they arise. For a flat monthly fee, this is a convenient and affordable service you can turn to for timely and highly-informed insight.

Motivational Speaking

Keeping your staff motivated and inspired can be challenging, even in the best of times! 

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